Why is There such a Strong French Influence in New Orleans?

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New Orleans is a city like no other. It’s an American town that looks antebellum, sings Spanish, prays in Caribbean, and eats African. But one of the biggest influences in the area is the French. Birthplace of Louis Armstrong, Reese Witherspoon, and even Star Trek’s Captain Benjamin Sisko – New Orleans is proud of … Read more

Most Popular Kings in France

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Before being ruled by Presidents and Prime Ministers, France was once a country of the monarchy. For over 1,300 years, French people were ruled by monarchs who have centralized power over the government, and over time, they have experienced the growing and shrinking of their territories. Not all rulers were good. France … Read more

What Was the French New Wave Movement?

What was the French New Wave movement

French New Wave is perhaps the most significant movement in the country’s film industry. Starting in the late 1950s to the early 1960s, it proved the prowess of criticism and how it resulted in the development of cinema’s entirety. But what actually is it? Why and how did it ignite? Read below … Read more

Learn the History of French Opera

Learn the History of French Opera

French Opera ranks second only to Italian opera in terms of longevity, depth, and richness of its history. The small, operatic French tradition started in the 17th century, was enriched through the succeeding years, and remains very much alive today. Here, learn more about the French Opera and its colorful past across … Read more

Learn the History of the Louvre


Louvre, or French Musée du Louvre or Louvre Museum, is a haven for all things pleasing to the eye. It highlights the incredible history and beauty of the ancient civilization to the 19th century and houses more than 35,000 renowned works of art, which includes “Venus de Milo,” the “Great Sphinx of … Read more

Learn the History of French Cheese

Cheese is a revered food in France, with the French eating more cheese each year than any other nationality in the world. It’s a vast industry, which serves as one of the country’s biggest exports. Along with wine, bread, and pastries, cheese is also an integral part of French history, culture, and … Read more

Learn the History of the Eiffel Tower

Learn the History of the Eiffel Tower

As one of the top tourist destinations across the world, the Eiffel Tower has been the symbol of France and Paris since its construction in 1889. It showcases the capital city’s finest structure aside from the stunning buildings, exquisite cathedrals, and Art Nouveau entrances. Though the structure is now Paris’ most recognizable … Read more