Stunning Places to Photograph in France


France is a photographer’s paradise, given its majestic location of natural and man-made sceneries. From the splendid Eiffel Tower to beautiful castles, alluring gardens, and awe-inspiring seascapes, there’s an unlimited opportunity to take picture-perfect images and showcase your skills. So, read on first to discover the stunning places to photograph in France … Read more

Why is Paris Dubbed as the City of Love?

landscape shot of Paris

Croissants, the Eiffel Tower, and the exquisite cuisine, Paris is known for a lot of things, but perhaps its most famous identifier is being the “City of Love.” Most people feel that love is always in the air when they visit Paris. But, until today, Paris is one of the top destinations … Read more

Top Things To Do in France

Each year millions of tourists from all over the globe visit France to relish its awe-inspiring landscapes, stunning historic sites, distinctive culture, and exquisite cuisine. From towering cathedrals, fascinating museums to beautiful beaches, the country has something to offer to those seeking something to charm their senses, bring them closer to nature, … Read more

Top Myths About France

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Most people could probably tell you a handful of things when you asked them what’s their stereotypical image of France is. They are easy to put down and make fun of. However, there are several myths about France and the French people that are simply aren’t true. That is why in this … Read more

Top 10 French Beaches You Should Visit

France, French beaches, tourist spots

France is such a great place to be this summer! Imagine visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower, spending the morning by the beach, sitting on a lounge chair with your favorite tropical drink on your hand, and more. France offers a lot of activities to enjoy, as well as a variety of beaches … Read more

Easy French Recipes You Need to Try

Easy French Recipes You Need to Try

Most of us probably think that French cuisine is tricky because there’s a lot of mystery to it. This may be because there are many great chefs not just from France but from all around the world that specialize in it. These chefs have the talent to turn ordinary ingredients into hearty, … Read more

The Creepiest Places to Visit in Japan

The Creepiest Places to Visit in Japan

Beneath the towering Tokyo skyscrapers, cherry blossom landscape, rich history, and technologies way ahead of time, Japan is loaded with eerie destinations. Japan is known for horror stories and chilling paranormal activities. So, if you’re in for a creepy treat, you might want to know more of the creepiest places to visit … Read more

Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Try in France

Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Try in France

France is home to some of the most renowned and refreshing alcoholic beverages. From wines to cocktails, the country of an upteem list of iconic drinks you should try. However, France also has something to offer to those who don’t want the booze. Its alcohol-free beverages are equally as invigorating. To help … Read more

What Was the French New Wave Movement?

What was the French New Wave movement

French New Wave is perhaps the most significant movement in the country’s film industry. Starting in the late 1950s to the early 1960s, it proved the prowess of criticism and how it resulted in the development of cinema’s entirety. But what actually is it? Why and how did it ignite? Read below … Read more

Top Reasons to Learn French?

girl on laptop with different language

Most people probably ask what’s the point of learning French and what will this language bring them? Are you one of the people asking yourself why you should start learning French? Are you interested in learning the language, but you do not see the opportunities it will open up for you and … Read more