Top 10 French Beaches You Should Visit

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France is such a great place to be this summer! Imagine visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower, spending the morning by the beach, sitting on a lounge chair with your favorite tropical drink on your hand, and more. France offers a lot of activities to enjoy, as well as a variety of beaches … Read more

Easy French Recipes You Need to Try

Easy French Recipes You Need to Try

Most of us probably think that French cuisine is tricky because there’s a lot of mystery to it. This may be because there are many great chefs not just from France but from all around the world that specialize in it. These chefs have the talent to turn ordinary ingredients into hearty, … Read more

Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Try in France

Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Try in France

France is home to some of the most renowned and refreshing alcoholic beverages. From wines to cocktails, the country of an upteem list of iconic drinks you should try. However, France also has something to offer to those who don’t want the booze. Its alcohol-free beverages are equally as invigorating. To help … Read more

What Was the French New Wave Movement?

What was the French New Wave movement

French New Wave is perhaps the most significant movement in the country’s film industry. Starting in the late 1950s to the early 1960s, it proved the prowess of criticism and how it resulted in the development of cinema’s entirety. But what actually is it? Why and how did it ignite? Read below … Read more

Top Reasons to Learn French?

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Most people probably ask what’s the point of learning French and what will this language bring them? Are you one of the people asking yourself why you should start learning French? Are you interested in learning the language, but you do not see the opportunities it will open up for you and … Read more

French Teas To Try Out

French Teas To Try Out

In a land renowned for its wine and cheese, tea drinking in France is less popular than how it is relished in the UK. For most of history, tea has only enticed the French elite’s palate and has now fully caught the public, deeming that the practice was merely a form of … Read more

Why is France the Fashion Capital of the World?

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Ever since early 1643, France has its high-quality taste in designs and fashion. According to history, it all started with the outstanding yet lavish taste of King Louis XIV, also known as the ‘Sun King.’ Back then and even after centuries later, the finest materials and fabrics can be found in France. … Read more

All About Mouthwatering French Desserts

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Aside from being well-known for fashion, France is also one of the leaders in the culinary industry. In fact, they had produced several entrees, champagne, wine, as well as the most decadent desserts in the world. They have also perfected the art of pastry to produce their notable sweet desserts for over … Read more

Learn the History of French Opera

Learn the History of French Opera

French Opera ranks second only to Italian opera in terms of longevity, depth, and richness of its history. The small, operatic French tradition started in the 17th century, was enriched through the succeeding years, and remains very much alive today. Here, learn more about the French Opera and its colorful past across … Read more

Learn the History of the Louvre


Louvre, or French Musée du Louvre or Louvre Museum, is a haven for all things pleasing to the eye. It highlights the incredible history and beauty of the ancient civilization to the 19th century and houses more than 35,000 renowned works of art, which includes “Venus de Milo,” the “Great Sphinx of … Read more