Top Myths About France

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Most people could probably tell you a handful of things when you asked them what’s their stereotypical image of France is. They are easy to put down and make fun of. However, there are several myths about France and the French people that are simply aren’t true. That is why in this … Read more

Easy French Recipes You Need to Try

Easy French Recipes You Need to Try

Most of us probably think that French cuisine is tricky because there’s a lot of mystery to it. This may be because there are many great chefs not just from France but from all around the world that specialize in it. These chefs have the talent to turn ordinary ingredients into hearty, … Read more

All About Mouthwatering French Desserts

A photo of colorful French macarons

Aside from being well-known for fashion, France is also one of the leaders in the culinary industry. In fact, they had produced several entrees, champagne, wine, as well as the most decadent desserts in the world. They have also perfected the art of pastry to produce their notable sweet desserts for over … Read more