5 Most Beautiful Libraries in Paris

An aerial view of Paris

City of Love – Paris When we talk about the beautiful City of Love, Paris, we often think of it as the most romantic place in the world. Some would automatically think of the wonderful Eiffel Tower, Louvre, or the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. There are still so many sights for you … Read more

Learn the History of French Opera

Learn the History of French Opera

French Opera ranks second only to Italian opera in terms of longevity, depth, and richness of its history. The small, operatic French tradition started in the 17th century, was enriched through the succeeding years, and remains very much alive today. Here, learn more about the French Opera and its colorful past across … Read more

Learn the History of French Cheese

Cheese is a revered food in France, with the French eating more cheese each year than any other nationality in the world. It’s a vast industry, which serves as one of the country’s biggest exports. Along with wine, bread, and pastries, cheese is also an integral part of French history, culture, and … Read more